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Sunday (5/31)

  • 7:30 am—Divine Service of the Word (On-Line Video)
  • 8:00 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 9:30 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 11:00 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 1:30 pm—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 3:00 pm—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 4:30 pm—Divine Service with Holy Communion


  • 3:00 pm—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 4:30 pm—Divine Service with Holy Communion


  • 7:30 am—Divine Service of the Word (On-Line Video)
  • 8:00 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 9:30 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 11:00 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 1:30 pm—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 3:00 pm—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 4:30 pm—Divine Service with Holy Communion


HEALTH CONCERNS: Bernita Ashwill; Mindy Bell (friend of David Holzrichter); Dale Brown (friend of Margaret Stilwell); Connie Hilgendorf Bruns (cousin of Mary Appleby); Jeff & Jo Coon (friend of David Holzrichter); Lynn Corrie (friend of the Joneses); Ellie Crawford (daughter of Laran Crawford); Whitney Czerwonka; Lynn Davis (cousin of Mark Whitson); Cindy Ekstrom; Theresa Fields; Jenna Gustafson; Jim Harbaugh; Rick Hardesty (family of the Hoels); Kim Hausman (friend of Ann Carroll); Deanna Henningsen (sister-in-law of Jerry & Joyce Alexander); Barbara Holste (friend of the Joneses); Kimberly Mulvany (daughter of Pastor Doug Meyer); Mary Negangard (grandmother of Bryce Reifsteck); Sandra Oehmke (sister of Joan Vukelich); Dennis Pickett (friend of Ann Carroll); Cary & Beth Rahn; Debbie Rahn (wife of Leroy Rahn); Emma  Silver; Ruth Sims; Ocil Slone (father of Carolyn Dyer); Joy Stenger; Brian Walker (uncle of Bryce Reifsteck); Irene Wattjes; Lynn & Jane Whitson (parents of Mark Whitson).

SEMINARY STUDENT: Gunnar Campbell; Logan Smith.


MISSIONARIES: Rev. Dr. Edward and Monica Naumann; Rev. Ryan and Emily McDermott; Julie Lutz.

HOMEBOUND: Bernita Ashwill; Leonard Boerngen; Janet Pollock; Art Rahn; Ruth Rentschler.

MILITARY: Carl Crawford; Jeremy Gordon; Jack Leonard; Jake Lindgren; Raymond Longtin; Joey Pollock; Blake Stokes; Paige Stokes; Ruben Wilson.


NEXT WEEK’S READINGS . . . Isaiah 6:1–7; Romans 11:33–36; John 3:1–15.

ABOUT THIS WEEK’S READINGS . . . Following the flood, Noah’s descendants failed to spread out and fill the earth as God had spoken. Rather, they exalted themselves; with “one language and the same words” (Gen. 11:1) they spoke proudly and arrogantly. The Lord humbled them by confusing “the language of all the earth,” dividing and dispersing the people (Gen. 11:9). That dispersal was reversed on Pentecost Day (the fiftieth day of Easter), when God caused the one Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be preached in a multitude of languages. “At this sound the multitude came together” (Acts 2:6), for the preaching of Christ is the primary work of the Holy Spirit, whereby He gathers people from all nations into one Church. The Holy Spirit teaches and brings to our remembrance the words of Jesus, which are the words of the Father who sent Him. These words bestow forgiveness and peace to those who keep and hold on to them in love for Jesus. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” (John 14:27).

THOUGHTS ABOUT STEWARDSHIP . . . Acts 2:1 “When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place.” Pentecost is the Old Testament harvest festival—it happens around the time when the wheat and oats are ready to be brought in. Of course, this was a picture and foreshadowing of the great harvest of humankind that God means to bring in through the preaching of His Word. God gives the seed, and God brings about the harvest. From first to last, in things temporal and things eternal, we stand only by His grace.

UPDATE ON GUIDELINES FOR CHURCHES . . . President Trump last week instructed the CDC to issue new guidelines for churches to reopen. Just today (Thursday, May 28), Governor Pritzker also issued new guidelines for churches to reopen with larger numbers. The Board of Elders will be meeting to discuss options to reopen with larger numbers in the coming week, and we will notify the congregation of any changes. Until then, we will continue to meet with the eight scheduled services of ten people or less. Thank you for your patience as we navigate these changing restrictions.

SUPPLIES NEEDED . . . In order to remain open, the church will need to keep cleaning supplies on hand. One difficult to find supply is canisters of disinfecting wipes. If you happen to see these available as you shop, and you are willing, please pick some up for the church to use to keep pew services cleaned after the services. Pastor is always on the lookout for these supplies and gets them as he is able. If you are able to help, please go ahead and purchase them, keep the receipt, and the church will refund you.

UPDATE FROM MISSIONARY EDWARD NAUMANN . . . Greetings from Colombo! It has been a while since the last newsletter, for a number of reasons, which I would have loved to share with you in person. Unfortunately, our plans to return to the USA this summer had to be canceled, due to recent global travel restrictions. I also wish I could say this in person: Thank you to all of you for your prayers and financial support. We have faced such trials and persecutions this year as we did not even consider possible, and we remain forever grateful to God for your ongoing supplications for divine protection from all evils. You can download and share our Eastertide 2020 newsletter, by clicking HERE. Thank you again! You all are in our prayers, during this time of crisis. Your servant in Christ, Pastor Edward Naumann.

UPDATE FROM MISSIONARY JULIE LUTZ . . . God keep you safe and healthy, ever mindful of His gracious care as you face the multitude of challenges the coronavirus has brought to your lives. Your congregation has undoubtedly had to change many of your worship patterns and ministries because of the pandemic.  I pray you have seen unexpected blessings and new doors have opened for witness and service.   May God continue to bless those. May you have great joy as you again fellowship – safely – in person.  HERE is a brief look at how we are faring in Papua New Guinea.

MAY ISSUE OF GATEPOST . . . is now available online HERE.

HOLY COMMUNION . . . The offer still stands that if you desire the Holy Communion, you can make an appointment with Pastor to receive the Lord’s Supper either at church or in your home until services resume.

SERVICES ONLINE . . . A copy of the service bulletin, which includes all the responses and the hymns, is available at Immanuel’s website under the Sermons tab by clicking on the button labeled PDF. This video option will continue to be made available until our usual service times resume. You can access these online services in three places:

  1. On Immanuel’s Facebook page
  2. On Immanuel’s Website under the Sermons tab
  3. On Immanuel’s YouTube channel

QUESTIONS ABOUT GIVING . . . The church office has received some inquiries about giving their offering during the shelter-in-place order. If you would like to drop off your offering during business hours or mail it to the church, it will be counted and deposited weekly.

MEMORY WORK . . . If a Sunday School student has been able to learn the next level of the Catechism Learn-By-Heart Program and would like to recite it to Pastor, you can schedule a meeting with him to do this through Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. Contact Pastor by e-mail or phone.

PASTOR MEYER IS RETIRING . . . Join the Salem Lutheran Church family in celebrating with Pastor Doug Meyer and his family as he retires from active ministry in August 2020. For more information, download the invitation HERE.

CHANGES IN MANDATED REPORTER LAW . . . The state of Illinois recently made significant changes to the mandated reporter law. By law, any person affiliated with the church who, in their role, comes into contact with children, either in a paid position or as a volunteer, is now a mandated reporter. As such, s/he must undergo training within three months of first serving. This new law would include the following at Immanuel: all Sunday School teachers, VBS volunteers, youth group chaperones, and those on Altar Guild who work with the Jr. Altar Guild. To that end, we ask that those individuals in the groups listed, follow THIS LINK to take the online training. This training takes roughly 60 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the training, a certificate is awarded which will need to be printed off and a copy be given to Pastor to keep on file. For those who are unable to access this online training at home, time will be available for you to complete this in the church office. Please find time to complete the online training as soon as possible. While we understand that this may be a burden for some, please know that we are willing to help you get the necessary training so that we as a church are compliant with this new law. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk with one of the members of the Board of Christian Education or Pastor. Thank you!



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