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Immanuel News & Notes (Advent 3)

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Sunday (12/16)

  • 9:00 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 10:15 am—Cookie Walk
  • 10:30 am—Bible Class & Christmas Program Practice
  • 6:00 pm—Sunday School Christmas Service


  • 7:30 am—Matins


  • 7:30 pm—Voters’ Assembly Meeting


  • 7:00 pm—Midweek Advent Service


  • 3:30 pm—Individual Confession & Absolution
  • 5:30 pm—Divine Service with Holy Communion

Sunday (12/23)

  • 9:00 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 10:30 am—No Bible Class & Sunday School


HEALTH CONCERNS: Mia Anderson (great-granddaughter of Joan Vukelich); Bernita Ashwill; Dale Brown (friend of Margaret Stilwell); Connie Hilgendorf Bruns (cousin of Mary Appleby); Jeff & Jo Coon (friends of the Holzrichters); Judy Cox (daughter of Ruth Sims); Ellie Crawford (daughter of Laran Crawford); Theresa Fields; Jenna Gustafson; Jim Harbaugh; Rick Hardesty (family of the Hoels); Kim Hausman (friend of Ann Carroll); Barbara Holste (friend of Arleigh & Mary Jane Jones); Marylin Joergens; Pat Maree; Delvin Meyr (father of Willa’s godmother); Rev. Ted Mitchell (friend of Pastor Braaten); Kimberly Mulvany (daughter of Pastor Doug Meyer); Bill & Mary Negangard (grandparents of Bryce Reifsteck); Debbie Rahn (wife of Leroy Rahn); Joan Rahn; Isabelle Richard (friend of the Naus); Ocil Slone (father of Carolyn Dyer); Joy Stenger; Bob Vukelich; Irene Wright (mother of Ann Hilgendorf); Jolene Young (mother of Ryan Bowles).



MISSIONARIES: Rev. Dr. Edward and Monica Naumann; Rev. Ryan and Emily McDermott; Julie Lutz.

HOMEBOUND: Bernita Ashwill; Bessie Benson; Dolores Byers; Marylin Joergens; Janet Pollock; Art Rahn; Ruth Rentschler.

MILITARY: Carl Crawford; Jeremy Gordon; Jack Leonard; Jake Lindgren; Raymond Longtin; Joey Pollock; Chase Reifsteck; Blake Stokes; Paige Stokes; Ruben Wilson.


NEXT WEEK’S READINGS . . . Deut. 18:15–19; Philippians 4:4–7; John 1:19–28

ABOUT THIS WEEK’S READINGS . . . The voice of John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness: “Prepare the way of the Lord . . .” (Isa. 40:1). John called the people to be made ready for the Messiah’s coming through repentance, for “all flesh is grass” (Isa. 40:6). Now He asks from prison, “Are you the one who is to come . . .?” (Matt. 11:2). Jesus’ works bear witness that He is. The sick are made well; the dead are raised, and the poor have the Gospel preached to them. Their iniquity is pardoned; they have received from the Lord’s hand double forgiveness for all their sins. The “stewards of the mysteries of God” (1 Cor. 4:1) still deliver Christ’s overflowing forgiveness to the poor in spirit, comforting God’s people with the word of the Gospel which stands forever. This Gospel produces rejoicing among all those who believe.

THOUGHTS ABOUT STEWARDSHIP . . . 1 Corinthians 4:2 “Moreover, it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy.” A steward manages the property of the owner for the owner’s purposes. We are stewards of all that God has given us. So we are called to use all that we are and all that we have for God’s purposes. How do we know what these are? Consider your vocations, your callings from God, in the Home, the Church, and Society: what are the roles God has called you to play? And how should you be using the gifts He’s given you to fulfill those roles?

THE ALTAR FLOWERS . . . were given by Mark & Leigh Ann Whitson to the glory of God on the occasion of their granddaughter Ava’s birthday.

CHRISTMAS COOKIE WALK . . . will be held in the fellowship hall today, Sunday, December 16, after the Divine service. The LWML Cookie Walk has been a staple here for so many years, and even though the LWML has decided to disband, donating money to a worthy cause through the Cookie Walk can continue. The money ($7/tin) this year will be split between Angel Tree and SAM Pantry. Thank you for your support!

OUR CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PROGRAM . . . is tonight, Sunday, December 16, at 6:00 PM and each and every one of you are invited to come hear the children speak and sing the story of our Savior’s birth. There will be cookies and punch in the fellowship hall following the service, so please plan to attend. Parents, please have your children at church by 5:40 PM to assemble in the double classroom. Thank you!

POINSETTIA ORDER FORMS . . . are due today, Sunday, December 16. The cost for each poinsettia is $13.00.

THE VOTERS’ ASSEMBLY BUDGET AND ELECTION MEETING . . . is tomorrow, Monday, December 17, at 7:30 PM. Just a reminder that any voting member who is absent from the voters’ meetings for a full year without a valid excuse shall have his/her name removed from the roster of voting members. Those who are 65 and older can submit a written request to have their name placed on the senior voting member list and will be automatically excused. If any senior member is unsure whether or not there is a written request on file, please contact the office. If any member has been removed from the roster of voting members, he/she can be reinstated by a request to the elders and attendance at the voters’ meeting approving that request.

CHRISTMAS CARDS FOR SEMINARY STUDENTS . . . If you’d like to send Christmas greetings to our seminary students, their addresses are: Mr. Joshua Schiff, 5309 Stonehedge Blvd., Apartment 6, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46835; Ms. Stephanie Wilde, 6600 N. Clinton St., Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46825.

THIS WEEK ON KFUO.ORG . . . join Rev. Jonathan Fisk and guest pastors as they continue digging into what The New Covenant is all about on Sharper Iron (weekdays at 8:00 AM CT), stave off your theological boredom on Cross Defense as Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller and his guest bring a curious topic for your consumption (12/17 at 2:00 PM CT), and tune in to the final midweek Advent service from Village Lutheran in Ladue, MO (12/19 at 12:00 PM CT). Next week we begin our special programming for the 12 Days of Christmas, including readings, prayers, special music broadcasts, and in-depth insights into our Christmas liturgy and hymns. Tune in at kfuo.org!


  • Wednesday, December 12—7:00 pm—Advent Midweek Service
  • Sunday, December 16—10:20 am—Sunday School Christmas Service practice
  • Sunday, December 16—6:00 pm—Sunday School Christmas Service
  • Monday, December 17—7:30 pm—Voters’ Budget/Officer Election Meeting
  • Wednesday, December 19—7:00 pm—Advent Midweek Service
  • Monday, December 24—7:00 pm—Christmas Eve Service with Communion
  • Tuesday, December 25—9:00 am—Christmas Day Service with Communion
  • Wednesday, December 26—IMMANUEL OFFICES CLOSED
  • Thursday, December 27—IMMANUEL OFFICES CLOSED
  • Monday, December 31—7:00 pm—New Year’s Eve Evening Prayer Service
  • Tuesday, January 1—IMMANUEL OFFICES CLOSED



  • Jim Dyer (West)
  • Kenny & Tammy Kresin (East)


  • Laverl Byers (West)
  • Mark Whitson (East)



  • Kenny Kresin
  • Donna Campbell; Lexie Russo


  • Kenny Kresin
  • Donna Campbell; Ava Whitson



  • Coulson Poffenberger (Crucifer)
  • Oliver Braaten (Torches)
  • Isaak Burgener (Torches)
  • Jonathan Braaten (Gospel)


  • Oliver Braaten (Crucifer)
  • Jonathan Braaten (Torches)
  • Isaak Burgener (Torches)
  • Caiden Russo (Gospel)


  • Mark & Leigh Ann Whitson—December
  • Josh & Jaimee Whitson—January


  • Sharon Allen—December
  • Joan Vukelich—January


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