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An Update From Our Siberian Missionary, Rev. Alan Ludwig

Dear friends,

What is it about summer? It’s relaxed yet frenetic, leisurely yet busy. The time seems to pass very quickly, yet minutes, hours, and days remain the same.

The latest edition of my Siberia Letter is ready for viewing or download:


Or for a black-and-white edition (better for some printers), follow this link:


If you have trouble, try copying and pasting the link into your browser’s address window.

No doubt you are hearing many things in the news about Russia, not always good. This issue is devoted to freedom of religious speech in the largest country of the former Soviet Union.

May your final weeks of summer be restful yet productive as you live in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev. Alan Ludwig
LCMS Missionary to Siberia

website: www.siberiamissionary.org
blog: www.lutheranprof.org

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