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Immanuel News & Notes (Last Sunday of the Church Year)

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Sunday (11/24)

  • 9:00 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 10:30 am—Special Presentation by Rev. Dr. Ken Schurb
  • 11:30 am—Potluck after the Presentation


  • 7:00 pm—Board of Elders


  • 6:00 pm—Catechism Class
  • 7:00 pm—Thanksgiving Eve Evening Prayer


  • 9:00 am—Church Christmas Decorating
  • 3:30 pm—Individual Confession & Absolution
  • 5:30 pm—Divine Service with Holy Communion


  • 9:00 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 10:30 am—Sunday School & Bible Class


HEALTH CONCERNS: Bernita Ashwill; Mindy Bell (friend of David Holzrichter); Dale Brown (friend of Margaret Stilwell); Connie Hilgendorf Bruns (cousin of Mary Appleby); Jeff & Jo Coon (friend of David Holzrichter); Ellie Crawford (daughter of Laran Crawford); Whitney Czerwonka; Cindy Ekstrom; Theresa Fields; Jason Glock (infant son of Andrew & Courtney Glock, nephew of Gunnar & Bethany Campbell); Jenna Gustafson; Jim Harbaugh; Rick Hardesty (family of the Hoels); Kim Hausman (friend of Ann Carroll); Deanna Henningsen (sister-in-law of Jerry & Joyce Alexander); Barbara Holste (friend of Arleigh & Mary Jane Jones); Mary Jane Jones; Pat Maree; Rev. Ted Mitchell (friend of Pastor Braaten); Kimberly Mulvany (daughter of Pastor Doug Meyer); Bill & Mary Negangard (grandparents of Bryce Reifsteck); Cary & Beth Rahn; Debbie Rahn (wife of Leroy Rahn); Thomas Roughton (infant son of John & Christine Roughton); Emma Silver; Ruth Sims; Ocil Slone (father of Carolyn Dyer); Joy Stenger; Irene Wattjes.

DEATHS: Family of Alice Johnson

SEMINARY STUDENT: Gunnar Campbell; Logan Smith.


HOMEBOUND: Bernita Ashwill; Leonard Boerngen; Mary Jane Jones; Janet Pollock; Art Rahn; Ruth Rentschler.

MILITARY: Carl Crawford; Jeremy Gordon; Jack Leonard; Jake Lindgren; Raymond Longtin; Joey Pollock; Chase Reifsteck; Blake Stokes; Paige Stokes; Ruben Wilson.


NEXT WEEK’S READINGS . . . Jer 23:5–8; Romans 13:8–10;Matt 21:1–9.

ABOUT THIS WEEK’S READINGS . . . “The day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night” (1 Thess. 5:1–11). The arrival of the bridegroom will be sudden. Therefore you are to be watchful and ready like the five wise virgins. “For you know neither the day nor the hour” when the Son of Man is to return. (Matt. 25:1–13). The lamps are the Word of Christ. The oil in the lamps is the Holy Spirit, who works through the Word to create and sustain the flame of faith in Christ. The foolish are those who do not give proper attention to the working of the Holy Spirit in baptism, preaching, and the supper, and so their faith does not endure. The wise, however, are those who diligently attend to these gifts of the Spirit, and who therefore have an abundance of oil. The flame of faith endures to the end. By God’s grace they are received into the eternal wedding feast of the Lamb in His kingdom, the new heavens and the new earth created by the Lord for the joy of His people (Is. 65:17–25).

THOUGHTS ABOUT STEWARDSHIP . . . Matthew 25:4 “but the wise took flasks of oil with their lamps.” Why did they take flasks of oil with them? Because they listened to the Bridegroom’s words and believed them. Our actions always start with and flow from our beliefs. What do your actions in the realm of stewardship say about what you believe?

ALTAR FLOWERS . . . are given by Sue Rothe to the glory of God for blessings received.

GUEST PRESENTER & POTLUCK . . . is today, November 24. The Board of Christian Education is sponsoring a guest presenter with a potluck following the presentation. Rev. Dr. Ken Schurb will be preaching and giving a special presentation during the Bible Class hour on Justification and Eschatology. Eschatology is the study within the Bible on the last things. It covers topics like temporal death, the resurrection of the dead, the final judgment, the end of the world, eternal damnation and eternal salvation. He will be answering the question of how the doctrine of justification—the teaching that we are saved by grace through faith because of Christ—makes these last things a joyful and hopeful anticipation, not a fearful and hopeless reckoning.

DOOR OFFERING FOR TUSCOLA SALVATION ARMY . . . Since traffic at the outlet mall has decreased, Shopko has closed, and serval businesses are no longer allowing Table Top Kettles, the Tuscola Salvation Army is reaching out to area churches for help. We will be collecting a door offering today to help the Tuscola Salvation Army continue to provide aid to families throughout the year. The annual kettle drive is their only source for raising funds in the year. So, let’s help them out in any way we can. Thank you for your generosity. 

BI-MONTHLY MISSION . . . is Sunday, December 1, and will be going toward the Angel Tree. An envelope designated for Angel Tree has been placed in your mailbox. You can give cash or a check, payable to Immanuel. Use the envelope to return your gift in the offering on December 1. Or you may return it to the church office on or before December 1. Thank you for your generosity in helping area children receive a few gifts under the Christmas Tree.

CHRISTMAS DECORATING . . . Saturday, November 30, 9:00 am. The Christmas season is near! With it come the sights, the sounds, and the fellowship that unite Christians as we anticipate the birth of our Savior. Come on November 30 to help put up the Christmas trees and decorations that beautify Immanuel.

ADVENT BIBLE CHALLENGE . . . This Advent the Board of Christian Education is sponsoring a challenge to get through the Book of Luke by Christmas Eve. There are twenty-four chapters in the Book of Luke, so if you read one chapter a day, you will have read all the recorded events of our Lord’s birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection. See the bulletin insert for the schedule, and put your name on the sign-up sheet in the Narthex. Those who finish will receive a prize. For more information, contact Pastor or a member of the Board of Christian Education. Let’s delve into God’s Word during the season we anticipate that Word becoming flesh to dwell among us. 

CHRISTMAS CONCERT . . .  by St. Paul Lutheran Church Women’s Choir, Come Let Us Adore. Saturday, December 7, 7:00 pm, in Sadorus (free-will offering will benefit: Salt & Light Ministries, Urbana, IL).

VOLUNTEERS ARE STILL NEEDED . . . Immanuel again this year will be hosting a drive-through live nativity on Sunday, December 8. In addition, we will be participating in the Christmas Town Parade on Saturday, December 7. Sign-up sheets can be found in the Narthex.

2020 SCHEDULES . . . have been sent out via email and some have been placed in your boxes. Please let Connie know if the schedule works for you or needs to be adjusted. You can email, call the church, or leave a message in Connie’s box. She will finalize them by December 1 and place copies in your boxes. Don’t forget to sign up for flowers on the newly posted chart.  Thank you for your support and service.


  • Wednesday November 27, 7:00 pm—Thanksgiving Eve Divine Service
  • Saturday, November 30, 9:00 am—Immanuel Christmas Decorating
  • Sunday, December 1, 10:30 am—Sunday School Christmas Service Practice
  • Wednesday, December 4, 7:00 pm—Advent Midweek Service
  • Saturday, December 7, 10:00 am—Christmastown Parade
  • Sunday, December 8, 10:30 am—Sunday School Christmas Service Practice
  • Sunday, December 8, 4:30 pm—Drive-Through Live Nativity
  • Wednesday, December 11, 7:00 pm—Advent Midweek Service
  • Sunday, December 15, 10:30 am—Sunday School Christmas Service Practice
  • Sunday, December 15, 6:00 pm—Sunday School Christmas Service
  • Wednesday, December 18, 7:00 pm—Advent Midweek Service
  • Tuesday, December 24, 7:00 pm—Christmas Eve Service with Communion
  • Wednesday, December 25, 9:00 pm—Christmas Day Service with Communion
  • Thursday, December 26—IMMANUEL OFFICES CLOSED
  • Friday, December 27—IMMANUEL OFFICES CLOSED
  • Tuesday, December 31, 7:00 pm—New Year’s Eve Divine Service with Communion
  • Wednesday, January 1—IMMANUEL OFFICES CLOSED



  • Bryce & Deborah Reifsteck (West)
  • Laverl Byers (East)


  • Kenny & Tammy Kresin (West)
  • Greg & Celeste Nau (East)



  • Mark Whitson
  • Janet Stumeier; Isabel Burgener


  • Kenny Kresin
  • Janet Stumeier; Marissa Russo



  • Coulson Poffenberger (Crucifer)
  • Jonathan Braaten (Torches)
  • Caiden Russo (Torches)
  • Evan Reifsteck (Gospel)


  • Oliver Braaten (Crucifer)
  • Jake Dyer (Torches)
  • Jonathan Braaten (Torches)
  • Isaak Burgener (Gospel)


  • Sharon Allen—November
  • Greg & Celeste Nau—December


  • Lauren Braaten—November
  • Sharon Allen—December


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