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Sunday (11/4)

  • 9:00 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 10:30 am—Bible Class & Sunday School
  • 6:00 pm—Adult New Members Class
  • 6:30 pm—Ladies Bunco


  • 7:30 am—Matins


  • 11:30 amTAMA
  • 7:00 pm—Bible History Bible Study


  • 9:00 amSunday School Teachers Lesson Planning
  • 3:30 pm—Individual Confession & Absolution
  • 5:30 pm—Divine Service with Holy Communion

Sunday (11/11)

  • 9:00 am—Divine Service with Holy Communion
  • 10:30 am—Bible Class & Sunday School
  • 6:00 pm—Adult New Members Class


HEALTH CONCERNS: Mia Anderson (great-granddaughter of Joan Vukelich); Bernita Ashwill; Dale Brown (friend of Margaret Stilwell); Connie Hilgendorf Bruns (cousin of Mary Appleby); Jeff & Jo Coon (friends of the Holzrichters); Judy Cox (daughter of Ruth Sims); Ellie Crawford (daughter of Laran Crawford); Theresa Fields; Jim Harbaugh; Rick Hardesty (family of the Hoels); Kim Hausman (friend of Ann Carroll); Barbara Holste (friend of Arleigh & Mary Jane Jones); Marylin Joergens; Pat Maree; Melinda Marmion (daughter of Becky Kappes); Kimberly Meyer (daughter of Pastor Doug Meyer); Delvin Meyr (father of Willa’s godmother); Rev. Ted Mitchell (friend of Pastor Braaten); Bill & Mary Negangard (grandparents of Bryce Reifsteck); Debbie Rahn (wife of Leroy Rahn); Joan Rahn; Ocil Slone (father of Carolyn Dyer); Irene Wright (mother of Ann Hilgendorf).



MISSIONARIES: Rev. Dr. Edward and Monica Naumann; Rev. Ryan and Emily McDermott; Julie Lutz.

HOMEBOUND: Bernita Ashwill; Bessie Benson; Dolores Byers; Marylin Joergens; Janet Pollock; Art Rahn; Ruth Rentschler.

MILITARY: Carl Crawford; Jeremy Gordon; Jack Leonard; Jake Lindgren; Raymond Longtin; Joey Pollock; Chase Reifsteck; Blake Stokes; Paige Stokes; Ruben Wilson.


NEXT WEEK’S READINGS . . . Isaiah 51:9–16; Col. 1:9–14; Matthew 9:18–26.

ABOUT THIS WEEK’S READINGS . . . “A great multitude from all tribes and peoples and languages,” cry out “salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne” (Rev. 7:9–17). Faith-filled saints from every place and time with unified voices eternally magnify the Lamb of God. As His beloved children, we too, “shall see him as he is” (1 John 3:1–3). Joined with the throng of angels and a myriad of saints, we shall “serve him day and night in his temple” (Rev. 7:9–17). In our earthly tension vacillating between saint and sinner, faith and doubt, sacred and profane, we earnestly seek Jesus to calm our fears, comfort our spirits, and forgive our sins. The Holy Spirit, through faith in Christ propels us forward, fortifying us in Word and Sacrament, to our eternal home. In the midst of our constant struggle as believers, we need to be blessed. And so we are. The poor in spirit, the meek, the hungry, the thirsty, the merciful, the pure, and the persecuted are all blessed and we will most certainly inherit the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 5:1–12).

THOUGHTS ABOUT STEWARDSHIP . . . Matthew 5:7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” This is one of many Bible passages that remind us that we reap what we sow. Likewise, what God puts into us (His own love, mercy, kindness, and generosity)—flows back out of us. For it all starts with His self-giving!

ALTAR FLOWERS . . . are given by Rita Wattjes to the glory of God in commemoration of the wedding anniversary of her parents, Harold and Irene Wattjes.

TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK . . . Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 4. Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour on Saturday before bed!

JOSHUA SCHIFF, OUR ADOPTED SEMINARY STUDENT, . . . and his family will be visiting Immanuel November 17–18. Joshua will be delivering the sermon that weekend. We’ll hear more about his trip to Israel and his studies during Bible Class at 10:30 on that Sunday; following Bible Class is a potluck at 11:30 to have the opportunity to talk more with Joshua and his family.

MEN OF ALL AGES—CAMP CILCA . . . is holding its first ever Men’s Target Shooting retreat on November 9-10. Registration is $65 and includes overnight lodging in the Christian Growth Center and 3 meals on Saturday. Rev. Jonathan Fisk will be presenting in between target shooting, giving permission for men to be masculine. Bring your favorite firearm and ammunition. All ages are welcome, but children under 18 should be accompanied by an adult. Call 217-487-7497 or visit www.cilca.org.

65TH ANNUAL PANCAKE & SAUSAGE SUPPER . . . on Sunday, November 11, 4:00–7:00 PM at St. John’s Mattoon. All proceeds will go to church and youth activities. All are invited!

NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER . . . is available in hard copy. Copies can be found on the table across from the member mailboxes. If you would like the newsletter through email, please tell Pastor Braaten or Leigh Ann Whitson.



  • Laverl Byers (West)
  • Kenny & Tammy Kresin (East)


  • Greg & Celeste Nau (West)
  • Josh & Jaimee Whitson (East)



  • Mark Whitson
  • Celeste Nau; Isabel Burgener


  • Mark Whitson
  • Sharon Allen; Marissa Russo



  • Coulson Poffenberger (Crucifer)
  • Isaak Burgener (Torches)
  • Caiden Russo (Torches)
  • Jonathan Braaten (Gospel)


  • Oliver Braaten (Crucifer)
  • Jake Dyer (Torches)
  • Isaak Burgener (Torches)
  • Jonathan Braaten (Gospel)


  • Janet Stumeier—November
  • Mark & Leigh Ann Whitson—December


  • Lauren Braaten—November
  • Sharon Allen—December


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