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Advent Midweek Service Sermon Series – Jesus, My Prophet, My Priest, and My King


In the Old Testament there were three main offices of service that God established for the benefit of His people. Prophets preached, priests sacrificed, and kings ruled. God’s prophets instructed the people in doctrine, God’s priests carried out the work of sacrifice and atonement, and God’s kings provided peace through military power. Each role had its own distinctive purpose and function. The history of the Old Testament, however, showed that many prophets preached falsely, the priests became corrupt, and most kings ruled for their own pleasure. When, on occasion, there was a good prophet, priest, or king, he was often rejected by the people.

Who would be the prophet that would teach mankind? Who would be man’s priest, providing atonement for sin? Who would be their king, ruling man for his good? God sent Jesus to fulfill our need. God’s Son Jesus came to hold the three-fold office of prophet, priest, and king. Jesus speaks the Word of God faithfully and truthfully to us, serves us purely and rightly giving His life for us, and rules His kingdom in justice and righteousness forever.

Join us this Advent, on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM, as we look at the prophetic office of Christ, which includes His teaching and miracles; the priestly office of Christ, which consists of the satisfaction made for the sins of the world by His death on the cross as well as the continued intercession of the exalted Savior for His people; and the kingly office of Christ, whereby Christ founded his kingdom, defends his church against all enemies, and rules all things in heaven and on earth. May God, through this study, prepare our hearts for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 3 – Jesus, My Prophet

Wednesday, December 10 – Jesus, My Priest

Wednesday, December 17 – Jesus, My King


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