God is with us in Word and Sacrament

Midweek Advent 01

Midweek of Advent I

Old Test: Isaiah 7:1–14
Gospel: John 1:1–14

The ancient Advent hymn “Savior of the Nations, Come” (LSB 332) is rich in biblical imagery. Ambrose of Milan, the original author, certainly reflects in the text a life of deep meditation upon the incarnation, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of our Lord. The hymn unfolds the gift of the incarnation and the meaning of that event for time and eternity.

Advent is about comings. The season grants opportunity for the Church to reflect upon the first coming of Christ, His promised glorious return, and the reality of His continued presence among us through Word and Sacraments to the end of the age.

The hymn beautifully focuses on the two natures of Christ and the full revelation of God in the person of Jesus.

Not by human flesh and blood,

By the Spirit of our God,

Was the Word of God made flesh—

Woman’s offspring, pure and fresh. (LSB 332:2)

The flesh and blood of the God-man brings our salvation. God has become one of us. He has been eternally joined to the stuff of Mary’s womb so that He might be present for us. And this not of man, but a gift of God, a work of the Spirit. The mystery of the incarnation causes all of us to ponder anew the sacrificial love of God. To be fully one of us, to share with us in all things, to know no sin, and yet to become sin for us, that is the stuff that causes all creation to fall at His feet and worship. There is no greater love of God than the work of Jesus Christ in rescuing falling creation. Here is the pure Gospel.


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