God is with us in Word and Sacrament

Sermons on Ephesians

Sermon for Vespers at the Gottesdienst Oktoberfest Conference

No, the antidote to the days’ evil is not in forgetting it. It is not in putting it out of your mind, in numbing your pain, or soothing your anguish with what you consume, and in so doing, being consumed by sloth and dissipation. Rather, the antidote to the days’ evil is in remembering. Remembering not that the days are evil, for this is evident. It is in remembering that the God and Father of us all is good.

The Holy Marriage of Gunnar Campbell & Bethany Glock

Today you rejoice, the church sings, and the company of heaven mingle their voices with ours. But even while we rejoice and sing, the world scoffs, and the demons rage. The world scoffs because it no longer understands the wisdom of patriarchy and submission. It is ignorant of the goodness of the patriarchy of our Father in heaven, and does not know the beauty of the submission of the Church to her head, Christ. But the demons rage because they do know. They rage for the same reason that you rejoice, the church and all heaven sings. They know it, but they hate it.

Midweek of Advent I

When we speak of grace, we must first ask the question: What is grace? Grace is God’s undeserved favor toward sinners. Grace is God’s unmerited good intention, His loving disposition toward those who have gone astray and are dead in sin and by nature children of wrath (Eph 2:1, 3). Grace, then, is something that resides in God and not in man.

The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity

We’re called put off our old natures. The old nature is the old Adam. And put on the new nature by the renewing of our minds. The old Adam, your old nature has been put off in the putting on of the new. The new man, the new nature is the sanctified, redeemed child of God. Your new life, body and soul, is a life forgiven and restored. This is given in Baptism, when the death dies, and the Holy Spirit kicks the Devil out.