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Tom Bodett may leave the light on for you, and for everything else, there may be Mastercard, but if residents of Tuscola, Ill., and the surrounding area are looking for answers to real questions, Immanuel Lutheran Church has them.

Starting on Sunday, February 8, Rev. Jason Braaten will be offering an adult information course entitled, “Answers,” which takes a hard look at life’s big questions and responses to them. The free, six-week course—which will run for roughly an hour each Sunday—discusses such topics as “Does God exist?” and “Are people basically good?” and “What is the difference between faith and reason?”

“The class is for everyone,” Braaten says, “because everyone has these questions.” “The point,” he continued, “is to provide answers to the questions in the back of our minds, the questions that can keep some of us awake at night.”

Rev. Braaten will lead the discussion, but participants are encouraged to bring questions of their own and to join in the conversation. For further information, please see https://immanueltuscola.org.


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