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WITNESS SLIPS NEEDED AGAIN – Please file witness slips opposed to pro-abortion bills in the IL House

The Reproductive Health Act and the repeal of parental notification continue to be pressed in the IL House and Senate. At this point the Parental Notice repeal bill has moved to the Senate Floor. But both extreme pro-abortion bills linger in subcommittee in the IL House. They are both on the docket again for a hearing this Wednesday morning. This means now is the time to again file witness slips against these two bills. Witness slips can be filed again for this hearing, even if you’ve filed them in the past. There is a deadline: they must be filed before the end of the committee meeting on Wednesday morning. Please get them in by first thing Wednesday morning, if you can! And most of all, please keep praying that abortion will end in this country and in our state.

LCMS denounces Planned Parenthood

LCMS Office of National Mission Executive Director Rev. Bart Day: “As Lutherans, we confess that every life has value, that it has worth, that it matters … from the moment of conception until natural death occurs. We confess that what Nucatola calls “17-weekers” are actually children — with beating hearts and little moving fingers and toes. We confess that even the tiniest of humans are just that — regardless of what scientific term the culture uses to make them seem like something less. We confess that they are created in the image and likeness of our Lord Himself. And we confess that because of Him, their hearts and lungs and livers matter, no matter how small they might be.” ‪#‎UnbornLivesMatter‬
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